"Tick Tock" by June April

I had the pleasure of working with the late June April Gardner, one of the most talented vocalists I've ever met. June was a vivacious, funny sister from Harlem who brightened up every room she walked in. She asked me to help her put together a song for her debut Jazz CD. Yes, back when CD's were still hot - LOL! June was a marvelous live singer so when we went into the studio I tried to re-create that atmosphere for her so she could flow. Well, needless to say the results speak for themselves... She did incredible work in the studio that nite; doing the vamp in one single take!


"Never Alone" by Bi-Faith

Back in the mid-90's the Lord put it on my heart to form a contemporary Gospel R&B group that could reach the streets. My little sister Larissa and our good friend Shana Gage joined me in forming the duo known back in the day as Bi-Faith. We had the privilege of recording our debut at fantastic studio in Soho called No Mystery Studios. It was in a quintessential NYC loft and we were blessed to work with some gifted, up and coming engineers. This particular song, "Never Alone", was meant to reach the heart of every person who feels like no one cares about them. The song lets them know that God cares. God opened up some major doors for us and enabled this song to be exposed on mainstream Urban radio station in New York. Still sounds good...


"No Turning Back" featuring Latanya Straker

I love all kinds of music. Pop, Electronica, Soca, Reggae, Calypso, R&B, Hip-Hop, Latin, Rock, you name it... I got the idea to create an anthem for a compilation we were on that would combine musical influences from various genres. It was the first collaboration between me and my lovely wife Latanya; who sang the lead vocals. It was also one of my early attempts at being an MC! I did some rapping on the track, just trying to connect with people and encourage them to take a look at Christ. I had a lot of fun putting this one together!


"Looking Back" featuring Bobby Soverall

I've been working in ministry with my good friend Bobby Soverall for many years now. I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to collaborate with him on a track for Party Mix 2, an album my friend Mat Abraham at CMN Records was putting together. It's always fun to take a talented artist and have them try different things and Bobby, who is a superb vocalist and musician, nails it!


"I've Got It!" (House Remix)

One of the cool things about being part of a scrappy, indie label is you get to meet a lot of talented people. Rafael Torres was a House music producer that Matt over at CMN had connected with. He'd recently given his heart to the Lord and wanted to use those talents to point people to Christ. Well, he took the track "I've Got It" and just killed it! I remember the first time I heard this I couldn't stop listening to it! I hope you can't either.